Zippered Check Binder, Keep It In Check


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Sometimes you just need to add a little flair to your day to help you power through, and this zip up binder will do just that. The black faux leather design of the binder organizer offers support and a classic look, while the polka dot accents take it to the next level. The pretty leather binder protects all your best documents through daily use, while the interior pockets make sure there's a spot inside for everything. This bill organizer with pockets is one of the best desk accessories & workspace organizers to keep you on track throughout the day. With so much time spent working at your desk, you deserve a helpful tool to keep it all in check!

  • Measures 12 inches (30.5 cm) x 15.5 inches (39 cm)
  • Interior binder has 7 round, metal rings for business checks
  • Features 4 card slots, 3 pockets (large, medium, and small), 2 elastic bands (perfect for holding calculators or notepads), and an elastic pen loop
  • Made of vegan leather